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Throwback Thursday #4

Maitland at sunrise...from lower deck

Maitland at sunrise…from lower deck

This is a picture from a few years ago. When I visit my mum’s house in Maitland, I often get up at dawn to see the sun rise over the St. Lawrence River. I was looking for a picture from my trip to Spain in March a few years ago with my eldest sister, Jane. I looked through the camera roll on my old ipod, which I thought I had with me in Spain. This was one of the first, i.e. oldest, pictures on the device…sadly no images of Spain were to be found, but I do love a pretty sunrise.
I was at my knitting guild meeting last week and I mentioned to Nancy, whom I know reads the blog, that I had once knitted a sett of each of my in-law’s tartans for them one Christmas. Here they are about 25 years older-the original owners both since deceased. We have them on the living room couch now and I think I should probably remove the knitting from the pillows and give everything a good wash…maybe later…
My father in law's tartan...MacIntosh

My father in law’s tartan…MacIntosh

My mother in law's tartan MacDonald

My mother in law’s tartan MacDonald

Throwback Thursday #3

It struck me as I was changing after aquafatness that these throwback Thursdays fly directly in the face of the philosophy of my favourite children’s movie character, fashion designer to the super heroes, Edna Mode “I never look back dahling, it distracts from the now”. The Incredibles was a movie I watched time and again with my children and never once minded. Ah, well, I am real and not a movie character, so here I go.

Alan on the roadside in Nepal

Alan on the roadside in Nepal

This is Alan on the side of the road in Nepal, in March, 24 years ago. At this point, we had been cycling in Europe for 6 months, followed by a month in India. He had been ill with an intestinal complaint in India–surprise, surprise, thus the somewhat gaunt appearance.
Sunbonnet Sue and Overall Sam enjoy a sunny fall day together surrounded by the stars of friendship

Sunbonnet Sue and Overall Sam enjoy a sunny fall day together surrounded by the stars of friendship

On a happier note, here is a quilt I did in 2001 for a guild challenge. For about a decade after my ceramics phase came “the quilting phase”. I actually taught quilting, amongst other crafts, for a long time too, when the kids were little and I had to do my working in the evenings and weekends when Alan was home. It has 3-D Sunbonnet Sue and Overall Sam under a tree in the fall. The challenge was to use fuschia, kelly green and royal blue together. I remember I used 140 different fabrics in this quilt, 20 of each colour in the quilt-the three already mentioned, plus red, orange, yellow and brown. It was the 20th anniversary of the guild and I had been quilting for 7 years.

Throwback Thursday revisited

From left: Jacob, Alan, Me and Heather

From left: Jacob, Alan, Me and Heather

This is my favourite ever family photo, taken by the photographer from our day trip to the Great Barrier Reef, in March, 8 years ago. Jacob was 12 and Heather was 10. I think I have mentioned before that we took them out of school for 6 months and took them travelling. The fifth country we visited (after Singapore, India, Thailand and Cambodia) was Australia and the kids LOVED it. We stayed in Cairns for a week, then rented a car and made our way down to Sydney. Australia is so similar to Canada and they had been in Asia for a while. Asia was a bit difficult for them, with the constant worry about water and food hygiene. It was nice for them to be able to have ice in their drinks, etc. I think it was also eyeopening and difficult for them to see kids their age begging and working to scrape by. We live in a neighbourhood that, while not affluent at all, is not poor either.
I am primarily a knitter these days, but there was at least a decade where, if you asked me my main craft, I would have said ceramics. I got a diploma in Ceramics from George Brown College in Toronto. It was a two year full time course and I had already taken numerous part time classes when I started. This is a teapot I made in a workshop during my pottery days. It was influenced by the workshop leader, whose name I can’t remember, but if any of my classmates had had to assign a name to it, it would have been mine. I have recently reconnected with one of my classmates from this course. She, of course, attended MANY crits with me and knows my pottery really well. She claims that she could have picked out my hats, because my aesthetic remains constant. If you follow my throwback Thursdays, you can judge for yourself. I am going to go round my house in the future and pick something to show each week.