Another novel graphic

I was showing some of my old hats to another knitter a couple of weeks ago, including the one I showed the other day.  Her immediate reaction was “you should do this one again in black and white with a big fuchsia pom-pom”.  There were only two things wrong with that.  I rarely do any hat more than once, and I don’t really like pom-poms per se.  I did however love her idea for the colour scheme.  This is one of two hats ideas her comment gave me.  The other one is still on the needles.  I put a big one of my i-cord roses on top because I do like making them.  I couldn’t decide whether to turn the brim up or not, I have photographed it both ways.

I am actually considering breaking into publishing a pattern (say it ain’t so).  I thought I might try to put this one on ravelry.  I have never actually been to ravelry, although I have been told to go there many times.  I guess I will have to if I am actually going to do this.

4 thoughts on “Another novel graphic

  1. Carole C.

    love this hat Gillian. I find the folded brim fits a little better as it doesn’t sag in the back because it is a little shorter and sits closer to the head…but both ways of wearing it are wonderful


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