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Barbara is joining Jimi in a Purple Haze

Something she may not have had time for in the sixties.  I sometimes try to think of how she managed to accomplish amassing the collection of pattern stitches.  It must have been hugely hard work and discipline.  In the sixties and especially the seventies, there were two very distinct types of craft books.  One type, like Barbara Walker and others like her, actually advanced craftsmanship.  The other type was done by and for the hippies and contained a very low level of instruction or workmanship.  I had a bookshelf full of both but have only retained the first kind.  Anyway….the latest entries in the Barbara Walker Project:

This hat uses sitches Striped Check Pattern, pg 59

This one uses Four Color Fancy Pattern, pg 59

This hat uses Slip Stitch Ribbing, page 44 and Long Slip Textured Pattern, page 93.  For this one, I added bands to break up the pattern and also see what happens when you use two colours.  For this pattern stitch, you do a base row, then slip every other stitch in that base row three times.  You then do another base row and slip the stitches you didn’t slip before.  For the light purple, I used the same colour for all eight rows.  In the bands I used one colour for the base row and a different one for the slip rows.  I used white for the base row in the lower band with three row of dark purple.  In the upper band I reversed things and did dark purple for the base row and white for the three slip rows.

The colour in this photo is off, but I am using the same dark and light purple as the other hats.  It uses Triangle Check, pg 60 for the cuff and Harris Tweed Pattern, pg 22 for the body of the mitts.

big week….

I have been meaning to post, but when I am at work, I don’t do much else.  I am paid to be communicative there and have nothing left over for my personal life.  I don’t see or speak to friends unless they initiate it, and I don’t feel like writing much either.  This week a couple of things happened.


Heather is fine. What used to be our car, is not.

Heather is fine. What used to be our car, is not.

Thank goodness Heather is fine, not a scratch or a bump.  Luckily they don’t make cars like they used to.  Now you can roll one three times and the super structure will protect the driver as long as they are wearing a seat belt.  I am looking into one of those skid schools so she can get back behind the wheel with some confidence.  She is not up for it now and we don’t have a car for her to drive anyway.

Finally...the end of candy crush...

Finally…the end of Candy Crush…

On a happier note, I finally managed to get to the final level of Candy Crush.  I have been determined to join the 70% of players who don’t give King Games any money along the way.  This extends the agony since you can buy your way through some of the harder levels with real-world purchased gold bars.  I have an obsessive need to finish things I start, which is why I will finish the Barbara Walker project even though I am the only person on the planet who would possibly care (btw…I will post the latest few items on this set of days off).  Sadly, it appears this victory was to be short lived, as they have already added another 15 levels yesterday.  That is fine, I can pluck away at them as they come.  I had a temporary hole in my life where Candy Crush used to live anyway….