What to do when your muse is “over” your medium…

My daughter Heather has just declared herself “over” hats.  I guess that means I am getting no more feedback.  I guess after your mother has asked you to approve of too many hats, that is what she should expect.

I looked back over the blog the other day and counted up 96 different hats.  Some were, admittedly, variations on a theme.  In any case, that is a lot of hats I think.  I am going to slow down on posting new hats for now and I am going to try to figure out how to write up and publish some patterns.  I am not sure yet how difficult this process will be.  I have notes on most of them and I have all of them in the freezer (they are almost all made of pure wool and this precaution guarantees moth proofing until I am certain I have another foolproof method).  I can analyze any of them to supplement the notes, which were admittedly sketchy early on in my designing days.

3 thoughts on “What to do when your muse is “over” your medium…

  1. david

    Hey Gillian – if you do get round to publishing your patterns and want to sell them as downloadable pdfs from this website then give me a call (email?) and i’ll show you how to set up wordpress as a shop (and also to get rid of some of the bits on the side – comments rss etc. Love the hats btw – I just started knitting again after 35 years of not doing it ! Take care D


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