Throwback Thursday

Being one step behind the times, I just heard about throwback Thursday recently. It is my sister Nicky’s birthday today. She is the second youngest of my 6 sisters and today she turns 51. I would wish her a Happy Birthday on the blog but she is one of the non followers. Mum found this picture of 5 of her 8 kids in a drawer recently and sent us all a copy. Sorry about the quality but it is a picture of a copy of a 30+ year old picture…what can I say.

from left: Philippa, Charles, Me, Nicky and Penny

from left: Philippa, Charles, Me, Nicky and Penny

Alan has always loved Paddington. With the movie coming out recently, he is back in vogue I guess. When we were first dating over 30 years ago, I made this sweater for him, one of my very first attempts at designing in knitting. Heather found it in the attic a couple of years ago. She says that it is one of the 5 pieces of clothing she misses wearing most since becoming a clothing minimalist. I am glad something I made made the cut.

Heather in the Paddington Sweater

Heather in the Paddington Sweater

from the back...

from the back…

If I had it to do over again, I might move Paddington higher on the back, although I am not sure. I put him in the same number of rows up from the ribbing on both sides so that it would be like looking through the sweater from the back, but I did not realize until the sweater went together that the back is actually taller than the front because of the collar. This way he does look more forlorn from the back though, so maybe it is ok.

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