Stars and Stripes for Barbara

gillianknits.comI am sure Alan is happy I am finished this hat because I kept humming and singing snippets of America the Beautiful as I knit it.  They sang it during the 7th inning stretch in the ALCS playoffs between the KC Royals and the Toronto Bluejays and it kind of got into my head.  You gotta hand it to the Americans they have some catchy patriotic songs.  I even secretly like their national

It has been a long time since I knit alpaca.  When I was a young adult, my Uncle Robert was friends with a yarn wholesaler in England.  He brought Mum a suitcase full of mohair and one of alpaca.  If I remember correctly, it was the first time alpaca knitting yarn started to become available.  The alpacas themselves were still unavailable outside South America as breeding animals and the yarn was just starting to be marketed in England, I had never seen it in small town Canada before.  The alpaca yarn we got was about a fingering weight and mum and I knit sweaters galore out of it that year, lots and lots of stitches per sweater.  My sister Phil gave one to Heather when she cleaned out her closet last year.  We made the mohair into sweaters and afghans.  It took both of us ages to knit it all up.  My sister Penny pitched in and crocheted at least a couple of

As soon as I saw the Star Tweed pattern on pg 67, this hat jumped into my head.  I decided to use the stripes to take care of a few extra patterns, so each stripe has a different stitch.  Sometimes when I look forward too far in The Book, I get scared by the magnitude of the project and panic a little bit, then I load a couple of hats with stitches before I calm down again.  I don’t actually think this makes necessarily bad hats. I kind of like the rich texture it gives them. I cast on 120 stitches.  Starting from the bottom, I used Single Woven Rib and Woven Stitch from  page 95. then Mock Ribbing from pg 97.  I finished with a stripe of Double Woven Stitch from pg 95 before doing the Star Tweed pattern.  I am not sure how much this is cheating, but I tried to do the stitch as it stands and found the white stars to be too close together for the flag effect, so I ripped back and added an extra blue row in between (two knit rounds instead of one).  I could do something else with the pattern stitch, but I think I will go with this.  My house, my rules and all that.


2 thoughts on “Stars and Stripes for Barbara

  1. Nancy Mac

    Okay, I am so loving your journey with Barbara Walker…what an amazing work of sooooo many stitches! Me thinks many an American would like to buy this pattern on Ravelry and show their patriotism on the outside this winter!!! Just a thought…

  2. gillianknitter Post author

    Hi…I have a confession to make. I have never been on ravelry. I got my son to set me up with an account once, but I never actually signed in. That was a couple of years ago and I wouldn’t know how to access it, much less how to put a pattern up there. The whole thing kind of scares me.


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