Barbara is looking pretty in pink

Mum just phoned to ask where today’s post was so i thought I better get on it.  I am on a bit of a knitting roll these days, so I have a build-up of hats.  These all have pink in them, so I thought I would show them

Before I started on the Barbara Walker thing, I was going to wool stores and buying stuff from the deep discount bins.  I looked through them last week and found the one on the bottom of this hat.  I did the bottom in Lattice Cable, pg 276.  gillianknits.comI cast on 120 stitches because I knew the heavy cabling would pull it in a lot.  The Lattice Cable has an 8 stitch repeat.  I decreased one stitch per repeat down to 105 as I switched to the pink for the Traveling Ribbed Eyelet, pg 169, which has a 7 stitch repeat.

I think the top worked out fine.  I love playing with the decreases to get hopefully interesting patterns on the top.  When I was a quilter, I was all about the back of the quilt looking good with the quilting, now I am all about the tops of the

Hat number two got switched upside down, and I think it is a much better hat than it would have been if things had worked out as originally planned.  I cast on 120 stitches and I thought this would be enough for the draw-in I knew would happen with the Close-Woven Basket Lattice (pg. 278).  I was wrong.  gillianknits.comAfter I had enough of the Two-Color Twisted Ladder, pg 120 to start the decreasing, I realized that if I kept going, it would have had to be another little girl’s hat, so I did the decreases to make this happen.  When I finished, the solid bottom was much too strong visually.   I  could have folded the bottom in two, but I didn’t want to loose the lovely cabling.  I forgot to take a picture before I ripped it back to before the decreasing,   I finished off the now bottom and cast off, then I picked back up from my cast on edge and adjusted the stitch pattern so I could make a top that worked, at least for

I actually love the top

This last hat reminds me of something from the sixties.  It uses Horizontal Parallelogram Check (pg 25) on the bottom, then switches to Royal Quilting, pg 72.  I figured out a trick for the tension on the Royal Quilting which was to put my thumb in the travelling strand before knitting the stitch.  This seemed to give the strands just enough slack to pull up without distorting the knitted

I was going to put a pompom on top like the style seems to be right now, but I like the top and it took a couple of tries to get it ok.  I will probably make the pompom and put it on anyway

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