A Canadian Christmas hat, eh Barbara

I have been giving the red and white yarns a run for their money this past couple of weeks. I decided after making the rude/not rude hat for Jake last week that I would make a Canadian Christmas hat. This just says Merry Christmas in our two official languages. I decided not to bother with any negative sayings on this one as I am feeling quite good about Christmas right about now. I have been making a family set of Santa hats which I will show when our little family is finally together next week. Jake is finishing his exams and coming home on Wednesday.
Last year we got in heck from Heather because we had no Christmas tree. This year we made sure we had one when she came home last week. This week, I suggested we should decorate it because it was pretty minimal i.e. just a tree in a stand. She put an angel on top and declared it sufficiently decorated. Fine by me. It smells nice anyway. If I get inspired I may make some decoration sized hats this coming week, but only if I get inspired…
This hat uses two Barbara Walker stitches, Seeded Chevron from page 27 for the reversible red crown and Banded Crescent Pattern, pg 110 for the inside brim.

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