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using novelty yarns to add visual interest

A Not Unpleasant Hat…

Nicky in a not unpleasant hat

Nicky in a not unpleasant hat

a not unpleasant top view

a not unpleasant top view

As I was leaving the Ottawa Knitters Guild meeting one night, someone was knitting with the fuchsia yarn in this hat.  I commented that I thought it was nice.  She said something like ‘here take it…I don’t like it and I was going to throw it out’.  I came home and started making this hat.  The next day my oldest sister, Jane, came to visit.  She watched the hat grow and when it was finished, she said (in a surprised voice)…’that’s actually not an unpleasant hat’….high praise, still my heart!

Bernat Truffle fun

One for the red hat ladies (or their grandchildren)

one for the red hat ladies

Sarah wears one for the red hat ladies

...from the back

…from the back

from the top...

from the top…

And one if you’re feeling blue…

Phil sports a hat and scarf

Phil sports a hat and scarf

More fun with novelties

Don't they pull it off!

Don’t they pull it off!

rear view

rear view

I had fun making these hats but I am not sure they are for everyone!  I had long been looking at these novelties but the scarves didn’t really do it for me.  I am not sure if my hats will do it for anyone else.

I was playing with a ball of Bernat Twist and Twirl.  I put it together with some Patons Classic Wool Worsted. My daughter Heather is in the green hat and her cousin Laura Jean is in the white one,

Party on your head…elegant fireworks

I was recently with my mum in Brockville, Ontario, where I grew up.  I desperately needed some yarn to work out an idea I was percolating.  We visited a wool store called the Woolly Lamb (at 56 Louis St just north of the train station).  It was my kind of wool store with lots of stock and a woman sitting in a big comfy chair knitting happily.  I got the wool I was looking for and saw the dollar bin of yarn.  I consider these bins to be a personal challenge so I bought some balls of furry yarn.  You know the stuff–all the rage about 3 incarnations of novelty yarn ago.  I first knitted some hats with vaguely similar stuff on the magic bus when I was in New Zealand with my family on our big trip  6 years OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAago…

I was taken by the richness of these colours together…I am a sucker for pure hues.  I used a 5 stitch cable variation for the black body of the hat, which I knitted in worsted weight yarn (Patons classic wool).  After 16 rows I switched to the novelty yarn and knit 4 rows of each colour separated by one row of black between colours.  I then returned to the black cabling and put a rose on the top.  I will be posting instructions for the rose in a day or so.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA