the halloween hats- skulls

                                                            side view skulls

I have finally made a hat that seems to capture the imagination of many different people. Pete, who is renovating our bathroom loved that it had skulls on it and went on your head. My daughter Heather just returned from a weekend of Scouting and had shown the pictures on her camera to her friends who all liked it.  My coffee friends came over this week and Lidia  walked right over to the Styrofoam head and plucked it off within minutes of arriving. My family put in 5 orders for Christmas on Thanksgiving weekend (good luck with that).

skulls back view 

I was inspired to make this hat while I was crocheting a skull shawl a friend had found on Ravelry.  I thought a skull image would work well for a  hat and I have always liked the high contrast you get using black and white.

skull detail





I have been threatening to start this blog for months (read: years).  I have done two other blogs before to record travels, but they were only for friends and family.  This one I hope may be read by people I don’t know as well.

2 thoughts on “the halloween hats- skulls

  1. MD

    You did it!!!!! I am looking forward to seeing the Summer models posted on your blog. Let me know when they are there.


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