Another frilly one

picot edged frill and lots of colour

picot edged frill and lots of colour

from the back

from the back

I thought this one wasn’t turning out well at all, but I was finishing it at lunch with a friend who said it is her favourite of all the hats she’s seen of mine.  I guess there is something for everyone, and as they say, variety is the spice of life, etc.  Maybe it was the juxtaposition of the pretty picot frill with the Sons of Anarchy marathon I was watching while knitting it that caused me to think it wasn’t working out.  It doesn’t exactly scream biker mayhem, does it?

It would be good for using up lots of ends of balls, because there are only 8 rows total of each colour.  I just kept pulling out colours I thought would work, then repeated them each once.  Some of the colours would not work together if you only had a few, but with more colours, they blend together and its all good.

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