asthma or apnea…the choice is yours…

My first night is over.  It turned out ok after a while.  I had had a nap in the afternoon and the brand new filter on my apnea machine looked black instead of the pristine white it had been mere hours before.  I went to bed early and all started fine, then I felt an asthma attack starting.  I was in a dilemma, being sure the trigger was coming through the cpap machine.  If I take the puffer, it keeps me awake, so I decided to go without the breathing machine… I woke each hour for a while and finally decided to chance the machine again…luckily whatever it was had dissipated and I slept ok for the rest of the night until about 4 am when I was awakened by a very musical call to prayer.

India is a real assault on the senses.  The street noise is deafening.  Luckily my trusty lap pack still had a lot of goodies in it, including a pair of earplugs..hurrah.  Just waiting for the museum to open.  Will post again later.

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