As my niece laura said, you can’t take pictures to show anyone what it is like here because every second you think, “what the heck?”  I love early mornings when I travel. I always try to catch at least one sunrise on any trip.  This morning I get up early and headed to the Newmarket area. It is an old building from 1874 that you can’t get far enough back from to fit in one frame.

I was on a corner just down the road when I heard birds cheeping beside me.  I looked down and saw a bicycle with at least 50 chickens strung up in four bundles by their feet.  Then I noticed a bunch of enclosures the size of kiddie pools full of chickens. They have to be transported live or they would go bad before they could be used. I watched the guy wrangling chickens for a while until his partner noticed me and gave me the hairy eyeball.

Once I met up with the family we went to the Victoria Memorial. It is a beautiful marble building built just after the turn of the 20th century.  We toured the building during daylight, then had a bite to eat and returned for a much vaunted sound and light show. All I have to say is you can’t always believe the hype…

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