the halloween hats – bats

side view

side view

top view

top view

This is the third in the series I made last week for Halloween.  My nephew Jay was very impressed when I started it in the evening and had it finished when he got up.  And no, I didn’t stay up all night.  It is just that it is pretty much straight knitting with a few rows of ribbing and a few rows of colour work, so it only took a few hours.  If you haven’t taught yourself how to hold one colour in each hand to do colour work, I would highly recommend figuring that out.  Here is a silent video that shows it.  Lucky you guys, I had to figure it out for myself (decades ago pre internet)!

I did a spiral on the top because there was nothing else I really wanted to ‘say’ for the top of the hat.  I think a spiral is a nice, simple ending that looks good without any topper, so it can be used on any hat to end quickly and simply,  I chose to do a 6 arm spiral because there were three bats, so the spiral arms start above the heads of each bat and above the spaces between the bats.

It is easy to figure out how make your spiral.  It is a series of decrease rows separated by single rows of plain knitting. To figure out where to put the decreases, you count the number of stitches you have and divide by the number of arms in the spiral.  If it is an even number then you don’t need a set up row.  For instance, if you have 102 stitches and you want to do a 6 arm spiral, 6 x 17=102 and you need no set up row. The decrease pattern for this would be k15, k2tog around, k one row, k14, k2tog around, k one row.., etc,, so you are losing every 17th stitch around, then every 16th, etc.  After the row that is just k2tog all round, you cut the end, thread through your stitches and draw it together.  (n.b. make sure the leftmost of the two stitches you knit together is the same one that was the leftmost in the decrease below so they line up).  If, on the other hand, you have 105 stitches, you will need a setup row to get rid of 3 stitches first.  the set up row in this case would be k16, k2tog three times, then knit plain to the end of the round (effectively starting 3 of the arms one decrease early to get rid of your 3 extra stitches).  Knit one round plain before starting the actual spiral or you will have a jog in the end of your arms.

I usually use 5, 6, or 7 arm spirals.  A five arm spiral has a rounder top, and a 7 arm spiral, being more aggressive in the decreasing, will have a flatter top, ending the hat more quickly.

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