the halloween hats – cats with spiderweb

Side view

Side view

This is the second of my Halloween hats.  I was thinking about Halloween icons after the skull hat and I decided on the black cats.  We actually own three cats and two of them, Domino and Shadow, are both pure black.  I am not sure the cats on this hat are all that great but it is really hard sometimes to pixelate a picture well when you are trying to work with only a few rows and stitches to fit into the hat correctly. Luckily enough we have all been trained over the years to recognize some iconic pictures so I am sure everyone knows they are black cats anyway.

top view

top view

I felt that the hat needed some black near the top to balance all the black at the bottom, so I made the top into a spiderweb as I decreased. I also crocheted a spider and sewed her on the side.

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