Tigers nest bail

…sorry I ‘went dark’ in India for a while, as they say in spy flics..I am in Heathrow, the first wifi I have seen in almost a week. I can’t get the pics off the phone or the post edited on the iPad without..(first world problem as Pat is fond of saying)

Did I mention we stayed in an old palace for our last 3 nights in Bhutan? It was lovely but the wifi sucked and the service was below the level of the other two hotels. We would have been thrilled if we went there first, but how quickly we can become jaded.

It had a beautiful temple upstairs and it was one of the only ones you can photograph. We saw these super fancy offering cakes in a lot of temples. I was psyched I could get a picture. There was also some lovely furniture in the room outside the temple.

The last day in Bhutan was spent climbing to the Tigers Nest temple (for the others) and halfway up (for me). Even that was challenging and I was actually most worried about my knees on the descent. I could probably have got up there, given much more time than the others, but maybe not happily down. I give you the views from the bottom and my stopping point..the cafeteria. I met a father and son who were on a birding tour so I got to use my Binos and their guide was happy to identify anything I saw. I only got a pic of a butterfly.

Gotta catch my last flight of 10 this trip. Will post India, round two when I get home…Merry Christmas

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