Lima day two

Phil had me figure out how to ask for her eggs sunny side up, because the soft scramble was just not her cup of tea. She tried to water down the coffee swill but to no avail so we had to set off in search of better.  The restaurant was still closed so we wandered round a big supermarket first.  This is apparently something Phil likes to do in different countries.  We found the spice aisle particularly interesting.IMG_20151010_083510By the time we got finished going up and down the aisles, it was time for the restaurant to open, so we each had a decent coffee and split an empanada.IMG_20151010_091239we took a taxi to the Museo de Arte Lima (MALI).  I am not sure how the taxi drivers make a living. We have paid anywhere from  $3 to $7 per trip and have gone for up to half an hour. The MALI is another stunning building and has a very interesting collection of Peruvian art from pre Columbian to present.IMG_20151010_100833
I particularly liked this hat in the textile gallery.IMG_20151010_103637

We then tried to take a taxi to a recommended restaurant, but I may have miscommunicated my intention to the driver.  I have no idea where we ended up since it was an alley with no restaurants at all.  Luckily we found this one crammed with locals nearby.

I think Phil is right to think you are safer in restaurants with big turnover, especially if you are ordering cerviche…a local dish made from raw fish with chili peppers and raw onions.  The pepper on top was killer hot and i had to remove it from my mouth before it did damage  IMG_20151010_131925

We also had another incarnation of tacu tacu, which turns out to be rice with either lentils or beans fried till it has a crust like rosti…this time with seafood on top.IMG_20151010_131152

We then headed to the Larco museum which has a fabulous ceramic collection and stunning flowers all over the exterior.IMG_20151010_140739

They house all the leftover collection in a rabbit warren of shelves with glass fronts.  I was thinking of Gerry from ceramics school and hoped he had visited it at some point. IMG_20151010_142011

They even had all their ducks in a row.IMG_20151010_141416

We headed back and went to the same restaurant for supper, this time to try the last thing on the billboard…rocoto relleno con pastel de papa.  It turned out to be a red pepper stuffed with spicy ground meat with a cross between scalloped and mashed potatoes on a thin omelet.IMG_20151010_200225






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