I made another hat in Peru Barbara


I took one ball of red and one of black to Peru with associated needles.  This is the second of three hats I made with them.  This hat was made with Belted Stripes, pg 64 and Close Stitch, pg 94.I cast on 108 and did Close Stitch for 1 1/2 inches.  I then switched to Belted Stripes and did 4 repeats.  I decided to decrease in the black parts because then I could keep the integrity of the pattern as much as possible.  The pattern has 9 garter stitch in red with 3 slipped stitches between.  I decreased to 6 garter stitch with 3 ss between, then 4 garter stitch with 2 ss between, then 2 garter stitch with 1ss between.  At this point I kept the same number of stitches until I could do a roll at the top., then decreased for the center of the top.  I turned it inside out and sewed the roll in place.gillianknits.com

I found that it was a bit too big, so I hemmed up the Close Stitch in halfgillianknits.com

2 thoughts on “I made another hat in Peru Barbara

  1. Heather Oakley

    Okay, I am not a knitter but I applaud your project and love seeing the pictures of the hats. I really wanted to say I enjoyed all the pictures from your Peru trip. Thanks!


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