Hey Barbara…I’m back…did you miss me?

gillianknits.comI cast on 102 sts. I am not sure what possessed me to think that Staircase Pattern, pg 65 might not curl.  I guess I thought maybe because of the two colours.  I thought wrong.gillianknits.com

It curled like a son of a gun, so I decided on my usual solution…make it reversible which corrals the edges of the piece and makes it straighten up and fly right.  New problem, what to put on the other side.  I texted my kids to get an opinion but wasn’t getting much answer.  At this point I was in the departure lounge heading for Peru and I needed a solution.  I decided on my skulls from way back when.  I looked up my very first post on this blog to figure it out and by the time I had got that taped, Heather had answered with #YOLO (you only live once).  I thought, wow, that works even with the skulls, actually they may make each other better, so I went ahead and did it.  I decreased to 100 stitches first. gillianknits.comI then did the main body of the hat with Double Woven Rib Stitch, pg 95.   I used 4 points of decrease and did a double derease each time (slip one k2tog psso)

2 thoughts on “Hey Barbara…I’m back…did you miss me?

  1. jacobritchie

    Not sure if you’re aware, but the newest and most fashionable idiom is #YOLOSWAG. To be truly relevant to the youth of today, I think you need to make a second iteration of the hat. Can’t believe @HeatherSutcliffe misled you in this way. #SMH

  2. gillianknitter Post author

    as you know honey, your mother is all about the relevance. I will have to look it up, but it wont fit on the hat anyway-too many letters. As usual I will remain two steps behind the times. The youth will have to press on without me.


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