Happy St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patricks Day...Gillianknits.com

No Barbara today…just ribbing and stockinette, with a bit of intarsia.St. Patricks Day..gillianknits.com

Mum stayed over last night and was using words like “interesting” and “different”.  This morning she said it looked much better in the light.

St Patricks Day...gillianknits.com

not entirely happy with the pot of gold…or the seam beside it but hey..it’s done

St. Patricks Day..gillianknits.com

Originally I was going to knit the rainbow in, but I lost heart and just crocheted it separately and sewed it on.gillianknits.com

I used 10 points of decrease and decreased with knit 8 knit 2 together around, one plain round, then k7, k2tog, one plain round, etc. until I did just k2 together around.  I kept going with the k2tog another time and finished off the 5 stitches by running the tail through.

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