Mostar and on to Sarajevo, Bosnia

IMG_20160415_090941This is Stari Most, the Old Bridge of Mostar. It was destroyed in the Bosnian war, then subsequently rebuilt.IMG_20160415_090549Mostar has a nice old section and as we wandered round, the (ex) quilter in me was captivated by the patterns in the cobblestones.IMG_20160415_091307I have seen this sort of thing before, but there is always a slightly different take.IMG_20160415_091425There was a nice view off the bridge.IMG_20160415_092622We crossed the little crooked bridge to get yet a different angleIMG_20160415_093316After our walk we got on a bus for Sarajevo. We are cooling our heels for three nights here, at Charles’s request.

3 thoughts on “Mostar and on to Sarajevo, Bosnia

  1. snowtoseas

    Even though I only spent a couple of hours in this city, it felt so unique. It made quite the impression. Did you get a chance to climb up the mosque tower?


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