I found the tourists Cathy…they are in Dubrovnik

IMG_20160413_141821We have relocated to Dubrovnik, Croatia. We have been travelling for the past week with Marcos from Argentina, who is a year older than Jacob. It just so happens that our plans have coincided. We will be parting ways tomorrow in Mostar. IMG_20160413_093522 This morning we took a private car which cost the same as a bus. I took this picture of the driver with Charles and Marcos in Perast, where we stopped on the way.IMG_20160413_145637This afternoon Charles and I went for a walk around the old city walls. There are great views out over the old town.IMG_20160413_144610And the sea on the other side.IMG_20160413_151556It really is a lovely city.IMG_20160413_151244There are way more tourists here than we have seen so far.

3 thoughts on “I found the tourists Cathy…they are in Dubrovnik

    1. gillianknitter Post author

      No kidding. Apparently they get 6 or 7 cruise ships a day in the high season. The girl from the hostel was saying that the city is basically an island supported by huge pillars and there is concern about the load from all the visitors


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