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I found the tourists Cathy…they are in Dubrovnik

IMG_20160413_141821We have relocated to Dubrovnik, Croatia. We have been travelling for the past week with Marcos from Argentina, who is a year older than Jacob. It just so happens that our plans have coincided. We will be parting ways tomorrow in Mostar. IMG_20160413_093522 This morning we took a private car which cost the same as a bus. I took this picture of the driver with Charles and Marcos in Perast, where we stopped on the way.IMG_20160413_145637This afternoon Charles and I went for a walk around the old city walls. There are great views out over the old town.IMG_20160413_144610And the sea on the other side.IMG_20160413_151556It really is a lovely city.IMG_20160413_151244There are way more tourists here than we have seen so far.