Kotor, only 1300 steps up to the fortress….

IMG_20160412_073403Wow, wow, wow…I thought some of the other places we have been were good till we got here to Kotor, Montenegro. IMG_20160412_073730 A beautiful old town with a rabbit warren of narrow cobblestone streets.IMG_20160412_081605The old town is surrounded by a city wall with several gates.IMG_20160411_193531High on the hill behind the old town is a fortress.IMG_20160412_083934With 1300 steps leading up to it.IMG_20160412_094112It was built in 1470, obviously to protect the natural harbour 280 vertical meters below.

5 thoughts on “Kotor, only 1300 steps up to the fortress….

  1. Carole C.

    WOW ! Amazing views. Fascinating that these buildings/fortresses have withstood centuries of wars and weather and are still standing…I wonder if any of our modern structures will survive that long. Thanks for the tours.


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