Daytrip…Plitzvice lakes

IMG_20160420_123018We spent 5 hours on the bus and 5 hours at the World Heritage site park. It was a lovely day. Perfectly doable and easy. The bus from Zagreb lets you off and picks you up at the park gates with plenty if time to see everything.
IMG_20160420_120609We walked to the boat launch (boat ride included in $22 cdn entry fee). Ten minute boatride across the bottom lake.IMG_20160420_150803The park is a series of lakes connected by falling water.IMG_20160420_131632There is this fabulous series of board walks which lead you up and around the lakes and on top of cascades if water.IMG_20160420_131745There is falling water everywhere and the sound of it is deafening at times.IMG_20160420_121909The roar disappears into silence as you walk around the lakes.IMG_20160420_122808There were way more people than I like to deal with near the bottom, but it wasn’t too bad on the walk up. I bet it is a zoo in the summer.IMG_20160420_135337There was a free bus to take you back down. We actually finished what was supposed to take 4-6 hours in three, then sat around waiting for the bus back to town.

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