OMG it’s the alps

IMG_20160425_181738Have I mentioned lately how much I love to travel?IMG_20160425_143326Spending a day swiching from train to bus to train with easy connections. Hearing the announcer say ‘Kitzbuhel’ and realizing this is where they ski on tv.IMG_20160425_094821Having a couple of hours to kill in a town that ends up being super pretty.IMG_20160425_094521With really random statues.IMG_20160425_134553Rolling past mountains and lakes and rivers and streams. And ending up in Innsbruck with a half hour walk to the hostel, and seeing mountains through every break between buildings and breathing the famously crisp mountain air.

6 thoughts on “OMG it’s the alps

  1. NancyMac

    Aaaw…I can almost breathe the crisp air through your photos! And I can certainly feel your joy! Wonderful! 😉

  2. Carole C.

    All your pics and comments make us feel we are traveling along with you. How wonderful that you are enjoying such a beautiful holiday trip.


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