Bled, Slovenia

IMG_20160424_061153We came to Bled yesterday, separately. I went down to Postojna first. Charles came directly from Ljubljana. This morning. I woke up at dawn, so I went for a walk around the lake. I always try for at least one dawn per trip. It has taken me a month! I love how quiet it is, and the changing light.IMG_20160424_064356Just me and the swans.IMG_20160424_064909There is a castle (of course) on a hill overlooking the lake.IMG_20160424_093430Charles and I went up this morning.IMG_20160424_095115There is a nice view down to the lake.IMG_20160424_095419It has a nice little chapel.IMG_20160424_095730With frescoes from 1700.IMG_20160424_105424On my way back to the hostel, I stopped at the Supermarket. It looks nothing like Loblaws.

2 thoughts on “Bled, Slovenia

  1. snowtoseas

    Thank you for sharing your experience! I am thinking of going to Bled this summer, and I am looking for advice about the best way of getting there (train, bus, or something else).

    1. gillianknitter Post author

      Better to come by bus. The train station is in Lesce, the next village, about 4 km from Bled. The bus stops right in the village of Bled. We came by bus from Ljubljana, there are several a day.


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