Sadly, my trip is almost finished

IMG_20160430_170143So I have been doing some power touristing in Vienna. I bought a two day Vienna Pass which gets you the hop on/off bus plus numerous museums. Yesterday I visited:IMG_20160429_104057The MAK museum of decorarive art and did two routes of the hop on/off bus.IMG_20160429_145117I also went to the Votive church, which for some inexplicable reason has weird coloured lights on the alter section.IMG_20160429_161044…and the museum of natural history which, amongst other things, has an extensive meteorite collection.IMG_20160430_121218Today was even fuller, starting with a visit to the art history museum. As well as a fine collection of paintings, they have an exceptional collection of decorative objects, which left me awestruck by the craftmanship.IMG_20160430_130328This was followed by a visit to the Leopold museum. After 5 solid hours of art galleries, I took the hop on bus.IMG_20160430_170328…to the world heritage site. Schonbrunn Palace and gardens. This is a picture of the Belvedere, the picture at the top of the post is the actual palace, as seen from this building.The tour of the actual palace was impressive. So were the grounds. IMG_20160430_164551I was already dead tired at this point so I took the silly tourist train through the gardens.IMG_20160430_185844And if that wasn’t enough, I cued up for half an hour to buy a standing room ticket for the opera. I gave myself permission to leave before the end, fearing I might collapse if I didn’t.

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