Got a buildup of hats again, Barbara

I have been for a couple of 8 km walks in the last couple of days. I have discovered I actually like walking alone as much as with someone else, and I don’t have to coordinate the timing so …bonus points. I have been enjoying the extended fall. We have finally had a hard frost so the leaves will probably tumble down in earnest now. As I was walking yesterday I was musing about my two very distinct existences…summertime when I don’t hardly have an unsocial second at work and the winter where I can go for days without seeing anyone but Alan, and then only in the evening.

I was getting quite a buildup of hats and I only have so many heads to put them on. I usually keep them around on heads until I photograph and freeze them. I usually keep ones I am happy with around for a while to look at.

I had actually used two of these stitches before…the quilted lattice on the red lady hat and the dotted diamond on the gray and black hat. I had made these a long time before I started the Barbara Walker project, so I decided it was cheating to just use them again. I wish I could bend my own rules sometimes.

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