Barbara’s dice

I decided to do a simple hat with some of Barbara Walker’s dice patterns on the brim. When you look at the dice patterns, I think only one through 4 actually read as dice, the 5 and 6 get lost in the busy. I think it is interesting that she only chose to put pictures of one through four in the book. I would maybe have done the same.
A Treasury of Knitting Patterns, pg 180
I decided to just go with the dice patterns and make the rest of the hat very simple. As I was knitting it, I realized how long it has been since I just did some plain stockinette stitch. Very easy, lots of muscle memory. I then did the top with a simple stacked slip 1, k2tog, psso starting every 22 stitch with one row plain in between until I was down to 20 stitches, then I just knit two together around until I had 5 stitches and finished off.

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