Tried a high ponytail hat, Barbara

My mum had heart surgery a week ago and you might think that sitting around a hospital ward would be a golden opportunity to knit, but no. This hat is all I have to show for it. I brought her home from the hospital yesterday which gave me access to this beautiful young blonde for the modelling. She is my nephew Jay’s girlfriend, Meagan. I am sorry I don’t have an actual picture of her face but I stressed I was going for hat photos not girlfriend photos. They took me very literally. I had received this photo of the skull and dice hat I made for my brother in law last week and you can maybe see why I was
I have been hearing about high pony tail hats, but have never actually seen one, so this is my take on how I think they may be.

For this hat, I cast on 100 stitches and did two rows of each of 5 colours that I had little bits of. I then switched to Powder Puff Stitch, pg 136, and did 2 1/2 repeats before starting short rows to build up the front of the hat. I treated each set of 5 stitches independently once I started the short rows and just did whatever row of the pattern presented itself. I tried it on and when I thought I had enough hat, I started decreasing by doing p3tog instead of increasing for a new puff. When I came back on the next row, I purled 2 together which got rid of the whole puff. When I was down to 30 stitches, I went back to the garter stitch but only used 4 colours. If I had the whole thing to do again, which I will until I am happy, I would put an extra repeat in because I like hats which totally cover the ears.

2 thoughts on “Tried a high ponytail hat, Barbara

  1. NancyMac

    Great hat and yes I’ve had the picture issue before when saying -send me a picture of you wearing the hat- always a front view that you can’t see the hat in…lol


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