I had a concept, Barbara

This hat is a bit weird, I freely admit it. I know I often start with “I had a concept”. I think there may still be some potential here, but it is not quite realised yet. It has a third colour that you can only see from certain angles. I may play with it over a couple of hats until I either “get it” or give up on it.

I cast on on two needles and made the band using green yarn and Horizontal Ridged Herringbone, pg 136. I picked up off the edge and adjusted my picked up stitches to 102 and started with Wager or All Fools Welt, pg 16 (I started something with this stitch two years ago but have decided to give up on it). For this stitch, you knit 7 rows and purl the 8th. I did one repeat of 8 rows, then started short rows. I turned around 3 stitches sooner each time until I had 20 stitches in the middle. This made the front have much more yellow than the back. I switched to blue and reduced to 96 stitches. At this point I also switched to a circular needle and sewed up the back seam on the green and yellow. I finished the hat with Pineapple Stitch, pg 137. I got rid of every 4th repeat, then every 3rd, then the rest. To get rid of a repeat I decreased 2 stitches in the 5 purl section on the 3rd row(p2tog, p1, p2tog), 5th row (p3tog) and 6th row (slip 1, k2tog, psso)thus getting rid of the repeat.

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