A headband for Penny, Barbara

gillianknits.comI did a post a week or two ago on cotton lined brims for the more sensitive Canadian forehead. My sister Penny requested one in the comment section of that post. I had been unsatisfied with the way I rejoined my mums headband, because I picked up from the back of the cast on edge with the cotton, then just cast them off together at the top. This made the top and bottom slightly different. I was sort of unhappy with this, but it took me a day or so of rumination to decide that I really did have to do what I knew all along I should do, so I cast off at the top of the front section and picked up a second set of stitches on a separate needle with cotton, and grafted the two sets of stitches together in the middle of the inside. Notice I am not showing that hack job I did of grafting! I am not a happy grafter in rib. Suffice to say, it is on the inside and no one will really see it.

two live needles....

two live needles….

I cast on 108 stitches and did one repeat of Ribbed Cluster Diamond Pattern, pg. 126.

4 thoughts on “A headband for Penny, Barbara

  1. Jake

    So these posts that are named like “X, Barbara” – are they supposed to be like, things you’re telling Barbara about? Like, sentence fragments directed at Barbara?

    1. gillianknitter Post author

      Why yes, son. I wish I knew how to contact Barbara because after knitting more than halfway through her book, I think I have some ideas about her 50 years ago. But for now, I will just send snippets into the void.


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