A Valentine for Barbara

This is my semi-successful valentines day hat. I looked in the index of A Treasury of Knitting Patterns (aka my raison d’être these days) and found two listings that sounded about right… Lover’s Knot, pg 267 and Valentine Cable, pg 253. I cast on 108 stitches (a few extra to compensate for the cable draw-in) and did four repeats of each pattern stitch with extra purls between. I started the valentine cable right away and did two rows before starting the lover’s knot. I didn’t think repeating the lover’s knot would add much to the look of the hat so I made up an embossed heart using the idea of the embossed diamond stitch from pg 139. It is the least successful part, but I couldn’t think of anything better to put in it’s place so I left it. I decreased 8 times every other round and when I got to around 24 stitches and had finished off the cabling, I just purled two together around to finish.

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