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Happy Halloween

Heather's Jack-o-lantern

Heather’s Jack-o-lantern

Alan and Heather got the last pumpkin in the store yesterday.  It was a huge pumpkin for $3.99, but it was a bit moldy inside….can’t have everything and the Jack-o-lantern only has to last a couple of hours anyway.   Heather carved it a dusk and I think it looks great.

A while ago I was saying to Heather that I would like to do a Santa hat nearer to Christmas.  I got ‘MUM, Santa hats are NOT knitted, you might as well make a witches hat too!’.  Of course, this made the idea of a felted witches hat pop into my head.

...before felting

…before felting

I was making the witches hat till the last minute.  It still needs some work to make the brim stay up, and I will decorate it a bit more.  It is, however sort of the right size and shape, so that part is good.  The washing machine ate my tension square.  I made one.  Honest. We looked all through the laundry last weekend and it had disappeared without a trace.  I looked up what people said the shrinkage was for Patons Classic Wool then did the math and went for it.  Here are the before and after pictures.  Included in the picture is another hat that Heather calls ‘Penquin in a Hoop Skirt’.  I should have followed my own advice and ripped it out when I noticed I had put and extra stitch in the ghost’s belly, but the intarsia was causing me grief and I didn’t want to redo it.

Penquin in a Hoop Skirt and the Witches hat

Penquin in a Hoop Skirt and the Witches hat

So, to sum up, a bare pass and an epic fail….