The urge to felt seems to have somewhat abated for awhile….

Did I mention that I bought 4 balls of eyelash yarn just before I started the blog? (and you thought it was only 3 and you were done hearing about the them with the demise of the elegant fireworks…).  Not so lucky you…   Anyway…this is the only hat I came up with for the fourth ball.  The rest of the ball will languish with the other part balls of novelty yarn that are left over from the only hats I have made out of Them…..

I called this post Perestroika because whenever she wears it, Heather reminds me of someone from a Russian novel.  I figure this hat is actually successful because Heather chooses to wear it all the time.  I have seen her wear it at least a dozen times to school…you know,,,that place she goes most days that is chock full of her peers…she did however decline to pose for the picture as you can see from the ‘model’.

5 thoughts on “Perestroika

  1. Janice Penney

    Hi Gillian. I love the body of this hat, Have seen one like it with a knitted lining inside for more warmth (of course it is inside – where else would it be?). Neat idea for using up some of that novelty yarn that we all have. Janice

    1. gillianknitter Post author

      funny you should say that because I discussed doing that with my sister yesterday. Yes, you could use any novelty around the brim…like I did for the santa hat for instance

  2. Ruth Bradley-St-Cyr

    I have a groovy way of using up bits of yarn that I don’t want to do anything else with. I collect enough of it and then create a new bulky 3-ply by winding three different years together and tying on a new bit when one ball ends. I crochet these into placemats. It works best if you colour coordinate the new balls. You can use up just about anything this way. Not that I need more yarn. I just wound enough bulky to keep me going for several years, but I commend it to other people.


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