firing the blog back up…

Hello one and all … it has been 6 months since I posted…I was working…what can I say…although that excuse wears thin a couple of months ago…so be it.

I am sick of starting new blogs when I travel so I am just going to stick you people with my travel stuff too.  There aren’t that many of you anyway.  I am leaving tomorrow for India and Bhutan (aka the happiest place on earth).  I have been to India, but never Kolkata, twice before (25 years ago on Alan and my year long 1/2 bike trip…India killed the bike part) and 8 years ago with the kids on the six month trip documented on:

This time I will spend a couple of days alone in Kolkata then be joined by my sister Felicity’s son, David, My sister Penny’s daughter, Laura, My sister Nicola’s husband, Surya and my sister Melanie’s husband, Pat for the Bhutan part of the trip.  I have already familiarized myself somewhat with the GKA, even though I am not actually on a plane yet.  This is for two reasons…1) we gave our Lonely Planet, India to street urchins in Bangkok so they could make money re-selling it and I don’t want to pay another $42 for a 2-inch book only a few pages of which are relavent.  and 2) did I mention I would be alone?

I have been getting ready for the trip by exercising.  I have been walking with friends and attending aquafitness classes.  I have discovered a pool where three times a week it is possible to go to 4 aquafitness classes in a row, thus getting 3 hours of exercise.  This has helped me build my stamina so I can do the walking around (with my pack if neccessary).

I did make a hat last week on the new years party hat is felted three times through the washer and dryer.  I am thinking of inserting an ear covering armature for cold nights and adding some decorative bits…

..he insisted that the cat may become an internet phenomenon if only she got exposure...

..Alan insisted that the cat may become an internet phenomenon if only she got exposure…

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