Throwback Thursday #4

Maitland at sunrise...from lower deck

Maitland at sunrise…from lower deck

This is a picture from a few years ago. When I visit my mum’s house in Maitland, I often get up at dawn to see the sun rise over the St. Lawrence River. I was looking for a picture from my trip to Spain in March a few years ago with my eldest sister, Jane. I looked through the camera roll on my old ipod, which I thought I had with me in Spain. This was one of the first, i.e. oldest, pictures on the device…sadly no images of Spain were to be found, but I do love a pretty sunrise.
I was at my knitting guild meeting last week and I mentioned to Nancy, whom I know reads the blog, that I had once knitted a sett of each of my in-law’s tartans for them one Christmas. Here they are about 25 years older-the original owners both since deceased. We have them on the living room couch now and I think I should probably remove the knitting from the pillows and give everything a good wash…maybe later…
My father in law's tartan...MacIntosh

My father in law’s tartan…MacIntosh

My mother in law's tartan MacDonald

My mother in law’s tartan MacDonald

3 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday #4

  1. Nancy

    Shriek, lol, thanks for the nod! I can’t believe the work in both of these tartans!!! They’ve held up really well!

    I wrote out a design for a Moffatt modern tartan a few years back. Now that I’ve seen yours, I am rethinking designing one of the MacMillan tartans from my husbands’ clan…its just hard to pick which one is my favourite. My fav is a toss up between ancient dress and modern. He tells me as I type this, that his fav is weathered ancient….so decision made!

    I was tickled to see you knitting a pattern, soon to go on my needles as well. 😉


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