Loving Quebec City…

We are in Quebec City because Alan won 4 nights in a Delta hotel. The hotel is great, quite close to the old city. It is way swankier than any accommodation I usually have. We have a love seat and a desk in the room, which makes it easy to spend time in. The hotel has a good restaurant if you don’t feel like venturing out for a meal, although the meals we have had out have been spectacular. Since we aren’t paying for accommodation, we have been paying a little more for food than we usually do also. Maybe we are just lucky, but the food seems better here than at home.
Even though we are only a little over 4 hours from home, it seems more exotic than that. And the weather is fantastic-hovering around 0 (32 in Fahrenheit) and sunny every day so far. After our long, cold winter it seems positively balmy. I love the fact that most of the conversation you hear around you is in French, so it makes you feel more like you are away. You hear French sometimes in Ottawa, but mostly English in our area.
We got here on Thursday late afternoon, taking it very slowly to get here. We will return even more slowly as we have a few stops planned.
On Friday we started with a bus tour of the city. I find these to be very helpful when travelling to orient yourself and give you an idea of what to visit later. In the afternoon we hung around the hotel, then I went across the street to an observation deck on the 31st floor of the tallest building in the city. It was OK until I hit the east side, then it was FABULOUS. The view over the old city and out over the St. Lawrence and Ile d’Orleans was one of those views I never want to leave. I think it may be amongst my top ten ever views. I stayed there for about an hour just watching the ferries and tug boats floating through the ice floes, making wakes behind them that stayed for ages before they filled back in, and looking at the old city I had been walking through in the morning with its ramparts.
Google decided on another photo array…so here it is

3 thoughts on “Loving Quebec City…

  1. Nancy

    This brings back memories. Hubby and I spent our honeymoon in Quebec City. We stayed at Auberge de Gouveneur just a walk away from the old town. It was wonderful walking the hilly back streets looking for a cobble stoned one. Finally found a wee patch about 1′ x 2 1/2′, peeking out under the pavement. I still giggle when I look at the photo I took just to prove I’d found some.

    Everyone thought we were ‘mad’, as they huddled waiting for the bus wrapped in fall over coats and us in shorts and t-shirts. Hearty country folk thinking nothing of a little wind and shade from some of the taller buildings….mind you we were glad of the sunny spots just the same.

    Enjoy!!! It is a beautiful city.


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