Barbara Walker catch up…dolls bed

A while ago I made the coverings for my doll’s bed.  I made them very early on in the project.  I actually stopped because I realized that I wasn’t really making anything but tension squares.

Here is the doll’s bed with all its bits and pieces:

Dolls bed and cradle

Dolls bed and cradle

I have already talked about the blankets in a previous post.  The two bed pillows and the blanket for the cradle were all done using dmc pearl cotton and 1mm needles.  The cradle blanket is Dewdrop Pattern, pg 149.

doll's pillows

doll’s pillows

The white pillow was made of Roman Rib Stitch, and the red one Roman Stitch, from pg 13.

The cradle pillow was made using Ripple Stitch, pg 13, Mettler Quilting thread and 0.75mm needles.

Knitting with sewing thread and 0.75 mm knitting needles

Knitting with sewing thread and 0.75 mm knitting needles

7 thoughts on “Barbara Walker catch up…dolls bed

  1. Nancy Mac

    An absolutely superb piece of work! Congratulations on your well deserved win for the Ottawa Knitting Guild Contest. Member comments generated -absolute awe- at the attention to detail!
    Well done!!!

  2. RAchel

    Where can you buy 0.75mm knitting needles? I had a set of 5 dpns that i bought a sale, but I lost one of them.


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