Barbara is really seeing things in black and white this time

gillianknits.comI love the graphic impact of black and white.  This is a pretty simple hat which uses two stitches. For the ribbing, I cast on 104 stitches and used Twist-Four Mock Cable, page 116.  This is a nice cable and doesn’t take a lot of time because you don’t use a cable needle.  It only works one way though.  If you want the cables to twist the other way, I am pretty sure you would have to bite it and use the cable needle.  The body of the hat is Woven Stripe Pattern, pg 61.  To do the decreases, I knit 6, k2tog around in one of the plain wide stripes.  I did k 5, k2tog in the next, then k4, k2tog…etc.

I finished work last week (yeah! so far) and hope to be more rigorous about knitting and posting. I am only going to do one item per post and I am aiming for posting on Tuesdays and Fridays. We’ll see.

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