Barbara is in stitches over the vertical sampler idea

gillianknits.comThis one went from concept to completion with only minor glitches.  I had to rip back a couple of rows a time or two in one section or another. I was at my brother’s birthday party with about 35 people while I was knitting this so once in a while I forgot if I was on a resting row or not and had to go back a bit.  All the stitches I used except one had a resting row in them.

I have found over time that if you want to rip back blocks of stitches for several rows, the best approach is to re-knit them row by row, instead of stitch by stitch.  You have to put them all back on the left needle each time you do a row.  Place the loose loop corresponding to that row over the index finger of your left hand and grab the stitches to knit European style (i.e. holding the loose yarn in your left hand–look it up if you don’t already know how to do it). You  can usually grab the stitches except the last stitch, at which point things are too tight to knit that last stitch, but it is easy to fudge things on just one

When you do this you have to be careful to line up the right loop with the row you are supposed to work.  If you go back several rows, this becomes more important.

I cast on 102 stitches and did the ribbing (Zigzag Knotted Rib, pg 43) on two needles.  I changed to a round needle for the pattern stitches which were (from left) Spiral Columns, pg 121, Aran Honeycomb, pg 273, Twist Zigzag, pg 119, Bavarian Check Pattern, pg 117, Elongated Aran Honeycomb, pg 273 and Shadow Cable, pg 273—see top picture for these last two stitches.  I did each pattern twice so there were 12 vertical strips in the

Oh, and how do you like them apples Nancy…7 stitches in one hat…now THAT is pattern loading… I could have done 13 stitches if I had not repeated around the hat.  But that may be overkill.  Another time, maybe.  If I get

3 thoughts on “Barbara is in stitches over the vertical sampler idea

  1. NancyMac

    Well now Miss Gillian this is indeed pattern loading but what a wonderful result! I like how you have hidden the decreases within the cables as well. Nice touch. And boy do I love the I-cord rosette for the top…how many did you do and how did you attach them…I may have to borrow this idea…it is one of the nicest toppers I’ve seen in a really long time!

    You just continue to impress!!!

      1. NancyMac

        Went and had a read…that is just the coolest thing I’ve ever seen! I can think of all the ways it can be used to bedazzle certain items! Thanks for teaching me a new technique!!! Really COOL!!! 🙂

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