Yo, Barbara..could you kick Tim Gunn for me? Please.

gillianknits.comI get the pattern thing.  You can look at the picture and know what you are making.  I sometimes wish I could be happy with that.  It would simplify things, I would get to knit all day and most of the frustration would be gone.  I would know what it would look like before I started and I would just have to figure out who to give it to or how to sell it.  It was also easier back when I had all the Barbara Walker books and various other pattern libraries to choose from instead of just the next stitch in a chapter.  It constrains me and makes me want to hurry up and cram as many patterns per item as I can.  I knew I was going to be working with the Bavarian Block Pattern, pg 116 this time, mainly because I couldn’t figure out how to make it into something nice and I wanted to get past it, to nicer things….or at least I hope there are nicer things coming up.  I never look too far ahead because it is no use wishing if I am going to get through this.  And it looks like my obsessive streak is going to make me get through this.

I tried a couple of attempts at combinations of stitches to get rid of other “problems” at the same time…two birds with one stone and all that, but it just made it worse.  I decided in the end to make a narrower band which would go around the head horizontally.  This particular stitch cannot be done in the round, at least I am not sure that it would be the same stitch exactly if I did it in the round because you knit into the back of the stitch on the front and purl into the back of the stitch on the back.  I am not sure that knitting into the back on each round actually equates.  The ribbing on the right has a similar issue.  After I got enough to go round the head, I picked up and knit 110 stitches across one edge and modified the stitch to doing only 6 knit-into-back instead of 10 between the twist 2 cables.  I made a roll by joining back in on itself after 10 rows, then I did an 11 point decrease, loosing the 6 knit stitches first (alternately from either side), then the cables, then the rest of the stitches.  I then picked up along the other edge and did another roll and sewed the seam shut.

It may have behoved me to go to bed at this point and see what I thought in the morning, but no…it did not match my vision and I ripped the bottom roll out, leaving me with not enough yarn to finish it ANY way.

I made two attempts at a roll,the first was a twisting roll that had the twist-2 down the middle but it wasn;t working out so I took the second opton…a stuffed roll.gillianknits.com

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