I’m on the road again…yahoo!


I am going with my sister Phil to Peru for 10 days…short trip but THERE WILL BE MOUNTAINS, MACHU PICCHU, AND AN OCEAN!!!!IMG_20151008_090929Phil has informed me that she will be taking a rolly suitcase.  I guess that means I will have to suffer through taxis…sigh, lol.  i personally can’t wrap my head around anything that is not carry on and carry-able on my back.

I always look like a knob when I travel because I use the fanny pack, but if you want a fake wallet, a rain poncho, an emergency blanket, compression socks, knee braces, earplugs, sunscreen, insect repellent, a tiny plastic case for your sim card, blindfold, binoculars, etc.  then I’m your gal.  It is always packed and ready to go because I just wash the compression socks when I get home and leave them in it.    I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing it at home!  Last night I cleaned out the dross of Bhutan and India and got back to the clean slate.

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