Cusco culinary school

We went to the Cusco culinary cooking class and made our own dinner. I would happily recommend this to anyone who has any culinary interest.  We started with Pisco Sour cocktails.  Apparently a bartender didn’t have any whisky for a whisky sour and subbed a local super strong wine.  We had one made with traditional ice cubes and two done with frozen juice cubes.IMG_20151013_172001

Next came the appetizer, Causa which is chopped chicken salad and sliced avocado sandwiched between two layers of mashed potatoes built in a mold. IMG_20151013_175544

  1. Unfortunately, Phil developed altitude sickness and she didn’t make it through the whole thing. She went and lay down after making the appetizer.  We made the main course which was quinoa risotto and lomo saltados (beef stir fry).  We flambéed the beef cubesIMG_20151013_183257

Then added tomatoes, red peppers, onions and cilantro.  It was delicious.IMG_20151013_184307

We finished off with a fruit mousse.IMG_20151013_190116

Great meal and fun making it ourselves.

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