Red and black, for Barbara…not me This hat actually looks better from a distance.  If you are too close, the middle patterns aren’t as distinct.  I have avoided the colour combination of red and black for decades because they were  the colours of my high school, which I hated with a passion.  Anyway, I do recognize the strength of the colour combo, even if I can’t like it personally.  It uses Basket Stitch (top and bottom) with Fancy Basket Pattern in between, both can be found on pg 63.  If I were to redo it, and i did briefly consider it, I would maybe do only the middle two sections of the Fancy Basket Pattern with wide red bands above and below.  This would look like arrows on a red field.gillianknits. om

2 thoughts on “Red and black, for Barbara…not me

  1. Heather Oakley

    Hey, red & black might have been your high school’s colours but now you can say this hat is for the RedBlacks (football team)! I like the hat just the way it is.


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