Cusco today…sacred valley tomorrow

We got some sleep last night, but I didn’t get a ton. I tried to get back to sleep using Nirvana Unplugged, which usually works before the CD is finished, but I ended up doing that, the National, Wish You Were Here and Townes Van Zandt before it was 7 am and time for breakfast.. Sucks to be me.

This morning we signed up for a cooking class for this afternoon, then took a city tour on a sightseeing bus. First it circled the block twice and brought us back to where we started. When the tour was over I realized there was a sign which said they were only allowed to park for 7 minutes, so they were probably returning to base to try to fill the bus before the tour actually started.  Once we finally got going, it took us past the Plaza das ArmasIMG_20151013_091902

A PalaceIMG_20151013_100559

A monastaryIMG_20151013_095938

And up to Cristo Blanco above the city IMG_20151013_113231

With nice views of the city belowIMG_20151013_113221

And an archeological site whose name I didn’t catchIMG_20151013_121122

And then to the obligatory tourist trap where they try to sell you expensive artisanal goods, in this case jewellery and alpaca items.  They did gave a great display of dyestuffs for alpaca.  I found the blue corn particularly interesting.


I made my usual pilgrimage to McDonald’s.  I always try the local item. Maharajah Macs, Desayunos Tipicos, etc.  This time it was a nasty dried out piece of chicken breast on a bed of green rice with big corn kernels. Phil asked me if it was good and I said..of course not, it’s McDonald’s!IMG_20151013_131356but they had some neat condiments


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