This one’s for Albertina, Barbara

gillianknits.comI have a group of friends that I have been meeting for coffee once a week for a very long time.  Originally, we were all quilters, most of them still are.  At this point, I don’t see myself ever sewing little pieces of fabric together again, but I am not willing to get rid of my very expensive stash yet just in case.  Who knows, maybe the quilting bug will strike again.  There is a joke in the group about brown because one of our members, Albertina, hates brown.  She loves nature in all its forms but I guess not plain dirt.  She loves all the plants growing in it and the animals that live amongst the plants.  When we get together for coffee, often people peruse quilting books and magazines for inspiration.  Whenever there is a predominantly brown one we say it is for Albertina and have a

For this hat, I again started with 120 stitches.  I did one repeat of Woven Transverse Herringbone, pg 96, then one of Arabic Cross, pg 22 before returning to the herringbone pattern.  The herringbone was a lot tighter than the other pattern, so the crosses stand out in relief.  I was originally just going to do the herringbone all the way, but I am glad I changed my mind.  This hat has a lot of yarn in it because the herringbone is so dense.IMG_20151103_101632

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