A bit of strawberry with the chocolate this time, Barbara

gillianknits.comI was walking with my friend Jen who I went to pottery school with a couple of decades ago.  She said all my hats are the same shape.  Looking over my Pinterest page (gillianknits on Pinterest), I can see that I do tend to make a lot of hats with a similar shape.  I do a smaller percentage that are quite different, but I definitely have a comfort zone.   I have decided I am going to try to be more “creative”, a term she actually happens to dislike.  She claims artistic people are often called upon to be spontaneously “creative” and demands are then made for the creative person to make a silk purse out of an available sows ear.  I am no artist, I leave that to others, but it probably wouldn’t hurt to leave my box once in a while.  I realize this isn’t too far from the box, but I will try to keep the box exterior in mind in the future.gillianknits.com

I cast on the usual 120 stitches and did a few rows of garter stitch to make the bottom behave before I did one and a half repeats of Hexagon Pattern, pg 67.  I then increased to 152 stitches and switched to Basket Cable, pg 274.  In the last row, I decreased back to 120 and did an I-cord rope cast off.  I then did a 31 stitch square of  Plaited Basket Stitch, pg 118 and sewed it inside, one repeat of the Basket Cable down.gillianknits.comgillianknits.com

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