A short foray into a time BC

gillianknits.com Before we were parents, Alan and I took a considerable number of book binding courses together.  It was a big interest of his.  He had been to Library School and had an enduring love of books.  He kept trying to take classes which got cancelled for lack of enrolment.  I started signing up with him to create a critical mass for the courses to run, so we took lots together and he took some alone as well.  We drifted away from it as we moved away from Toronto, then had the kids and moved to Ottawa.  He noticed a class which ran yesterday, so we signed up.  It was nice to be back in the paper mode for a day.  I think we will do some more in the future.


The class was called Crossed Structure Binding put on by the Canadian Book Binders and Book Artists Guild.  In the morning we did a quick paper decoration and then made the smaller book. It has eight sewn signatures and the cover is made by cutting a single sheet of paper with tabs that link around the spine and weave into the opposite cover.  I cannot resist the temptation to change things up a bit so I cut my tabs on angles in the afternoon.  I have shown front and back of both books.

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